Keynote Speaker

Prof.Dr. (h.c) Mehmet Şükrü Güzel

Prof.Dr. (h.c) Mehmet Şükrü Güzel was born in 1968 Istanbul. He finished the Istanbul    University Faculty of Economics. He is the United Nations Geneva Office respresantative of CAPAJ (Comision Juridica Para el Autpdesarrollo de los Pueblos Originarios Andips), an NGO accreditated to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations Humaprof-mehmetn Rights Council, based in Peru. He is working as an independent adviser for the first nations of different parts of the world who are struggling for their independence under the United Nations decolonization system.

He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 for his achievement of proving that pro-visionary article 140 of the Iraq constitution of 2005 is null and his efforts to prevent a potential civil war which may occur because of the provisional article. He was nominated together with With Mr Leon K.Siu, an important political leader of Hawaii, for the Nobel Peace Prize 2017 for solving West Papua conflict in the United Nations system and for their efforts in the United Nations system to solve West Papua conflict. He had written 2 books on the First World War and the afterwards.

He was awarded to the honorable degree of doctor and professor by the Vector International Science Academy of Science, Azerbaijan. He is the author of 2 books on war crimes of the 1st World War and afterwards. He is giving lessons on International Humanitarian Law to the NGOs.